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first entry idea..

Little Jenny has been homeschooled ever since her famous modeling debut. It was such a traumatic time for her. Being the ex-girlfriend of Blair`s forever fling, Nate, didn`t help either, especially since their rendezvous in the park was broadcasted on the internet. Let`s not forget her near-rape experience with everyone`s favorite half-a-fag, but a whole asshole Chuck Bass (no offense). Her Freshman Year (is that right?)is almost over, so her father urges her to give Constance Billard another chance...

MONDAY...after all the parties

Jenny shuffles to the assembly hall where all the girls meet before the first bell. With all eyes on her, she feels just like her idol, Serena Van Der Woodsen, must have on her first day back. Trying to go unnoticed by sitting in the far back, she fails when she sees someone waving to her.

**i guess that`s how we`d start with Jenny in the story... comment with suggestions, please**

Love Much.

postscript: Rain could have a party... invite Jenny as a sympathy thing, and since Serena is MIA, Rain hopes Jenny can drag her along.. at the party Chuck could try to put the moves on her, and Flow comes to the rescue!! whoo hoo. sry i was rushing as i wrote this.
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