Nate Archibald (nate_a) wrote in gg_ooc,
Nate Archibald


Hey guys about the Newport Trip, Who should be in whos room

We could have awkward

  • Taylor + Aaron + jeremy
  • Nate + Rain

we could have romance

  • Rain + Aaron
  • Taylor + Jeremy
  • Nate by himself

or we could have enemies

  • Nate + Aaron
  • Jeremy + Rain + Taylor

Yeah thats what i think

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Umm, i hardly think that rain + taylor + jeremy are enemies! lol

I think that we should have the 'awkward' arrangement.

It would be interessting if rain and nate to have a deep and meaningful convosation about their friendship/relationship.
I reakon nate an Aaron should share a room it would be funny as.... what do u think alice?
Don't forget Georgie haha. Sorry entered late since Im jeremy too.

I like akward.
Haha yeah, then should it be

nate and rain
taylor and jeremy
georgie and aaron

LOL awkward would be so funny!
i know lol
Hi everyone.
This is Lindsay aka. Katie Farkas. Sorry I haven't been active lately. But I don't think it matters...the community pretty much seems dead. So sorry if I don't become active again, I don't think I will be RPGing much in this community. I've been really busy. It's been fun while it lasted