Rain Hoffstetter (xox__rain) wrote in gg_ooc,
Rain Hoffstetter

new ideas... icons... OOC

Hey guys,

We need to be more active, because I am completely bored.  I guess I could make an entry in Rain's journal.  And I need to bring Chuck into the RPG more.

So, Rain and Flow are probably gonna hook up at Flow's party (which everyone needs to join now!) and go out very briefly, are her and Hayden going to go out?  We need the results of the poll :D  Any other future plottage anyone wants to contribute?  It doesn't have to involve Rain or Chuck.  But, of course I wouldn't mind ;) 

I hope everyone's read the new GG book!  It's amazing!  Ooh, and Nikki, I found some reallly good Sean Faris icons here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/asweknowitfans/17236.html#cutid1  You might not need them, I just thought they were hot, lol.

Byyye - xox Jules

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