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OOC For The Gossip Girl RPG [entries|friends|calendar]
OOC For Gossip Girl RPG

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Rooms [21 Nov 2004|05:36pm]


Hey guys about the Newport Trip, Who should be in whos room

We could have awkward

  • Taylor + Aaron + jeremy
  • Nate + Rain

we could have romance

  • Rain + Aaron
  • Taylor + Jeremy
  • Nate by himself

or we could have enemies

  • Nate + Aaron
  • Jeremy + Rain + Taylor

Yeah thats what i think

7 Your The One That I Want

[18 Nov 2004|12:10pm]

Sorry I havent been around much. I was grounded from the computer for a week......haha. I'll make the Newport post for Jeremy and Nate today!

<3 Lauren
Your The One That I Want

When should Blair and Taylor meet? [17 Nov 2004|07:25pm]

i was wondering when Blair and Taylor are gonna meet. I think that the family dinner thing seem a bit far away yet, and it's gonna be hard avoiding Blair till then. lol
maybe they should just meet anyway.
<3 pru.
2 Your The One That I Want

first entry idea.. [16 Nov 2004|05:32pm]

[ mood | hurried ]

Little Jenny has been homeschooled ever since her famous modeling debut. It was such a traumatic time for her. Being the ex-girlfriend of Blair`s forever fling, Nate, didn`t help either, especially since their rendezvous in the park was broadcasted on the internet. Let`s not forget her near-rape experience with everyone`s favorite half-a-fag, but a whole asshole Chuck Bass (no offense). Her Freshman Year (is that right?)is almost over, so her father urges her to give Constance Billard another chance...

MONDAY...after all the parties

Jenny shuffles to the assembly hall where all the girls meet before the first bell. With all eyes on her, she feels just like her idol, Serena Van Der Woodsen, must have on her first day back. Trying to go unnoticed by sitting in the far back, she fails when she sees someone waving to her.

**i guess that`s how we`d start with Jenny in the story... comment with suggestions, please**

Love Much.

postscript: Rain could have a party... invite Jenny as a sympathy thing, and since Serena is MIA, Rain hopes Jenny can drag her along.. at the party Chuck could try to put the moves on her, and Flow comes to the rescue!! whoo hoo. sry i was rushing as i wrote this.

1 Your The One That I Want

[14 Nov 2004|09:41pm]

Hey everyone!
I can view the RPG! yay! This might be a one night thing though, cause I'm using a different computer, but I will try hard to be able to access the site.
2 Your The One That I Want

just wondering... [14 Nov 2004|08:22pm]

[ mood | curious ]

1)How are we going to plop Jenny into the scene?
2)Is there a Dan? Elise?

Thanks for filling me in!

<33 much

4 Your The One That I Want

new>> [14 Nov 2004|03:57pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey Guys!

My name is Coral and I`m going to be playing Jenny Humphrey. I`m sorta new at all this, so bear with me. I can`t wait to start! Just wanted to say hi...

<33 much,

Jenny aka Coral

8 Your The One That I Want

[14 Nov 2004|10:48am]

hey guys sorry i've been so MIA lately, but hey Kati/ Hayden is back! yay! and i promise to be a good mod and be active again! luv you guys

4 Your The One That I Want

[12 Nov 2004|11:02pm]

OH MY GOD I FINALLY CAN VIEW THE OOC!! YES! i know i have no clue what's going on so fill me in! sorry that i haven't been able to write in a longggg time! hopefuly i can access the rpg so i'll let you know!
7 Your The One That I Want

Newport [12 Nov 2004|03:32pm]

This is Lauren and I play Georgie and Jeremy. I was wondering who was all planning on going to Newport with Jeremy for the weekend and if anyone had good plot ideas.

Your The One That I Want

[09 Nov 2004|02:28pm]


hey my name is holly and i have made a new character for this rpg.

the character i chose is aaron rose from the books.

im assuming you all know who he is so i wont go into detail about his character, however please comment with plottage.


<3 holly

11 Your The One That I Want

[04 Nov 2004|02:30pm]

[ mood | touched ]

Hey Guys!!

My name's pru and i play taylor pierson who is nate's cousin.

my character is used to getting her way, she has an innocent first impression but gets bitchy when she needs to. She enjoys stirring people up and is the kind girl that would flirt with someone that had a girlfriend. She can be a bit of a slut but is also a decent person. She is quite intelligent and can be a great girl but beware if you get in her bad books. Is a party girl and cannot stand boredom and cant stand competition.

Comment here with plottage for my character!

<3 pru!!

17 Your The One That I Want

New character [02 Nov 2004|03:29am]

Hey everyone. I was thinking of making a new character... but wasn't really sure what character is most needed. I definitely want to have a girl (are we even allowed to have two?). But not Mystery Craze, she just plain annoys me in the books.

Also very sorry I wasn't active during the Halloween party.... I couldn't get on all weekend I was so BUSY!

Is the person who plays Serena even active? Cause she's a big part of this RPG and it sucks not having her around.... says Flow lol.
6 Your The One That I Want

Join! [29 Oct 2004|05:00pm]

Hey Guys and Girls,
Georgie's Halloween Party thread is up so join it.

Love ya!
Your The One That I Want

Polls [23 Oct 2004|07:10pm]

Polls are in!

{just letting everyone know I voted for everything}


B+H/N and R Single


8 Your The One That I Want

new ideas... icons... OOC [23 Oct 2004|03:51pm]


Hey guys,

We need to be more active, because I am completely bored.  I guess I could make an entry in Rain's journal.  And I need to bring Chuck into the RPG more.

So, Rain and Flow are probably gonna hook up at Flow's party (which everyone needs to join now!) and go out very briefly, are her and Hayden going to go out?  We need the results of the poll :D  Any other future plottage anyone wants to contribute?  It doesn't have to involve Rain or Chuck.  But, of course I wouldn't mind ;) 

I hope everyone's read the new GG book!  It's amazing!  Ooh, and Nikki, I found some reallly good Sean Faris icons here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/asweknowitfans/17236.html#cutid1  You might not need them, I just thought they were hot, lol.

Byyye - xox Jules

14 Your The One That I Want

[19 Oct 2004|09:48pm]

Steph- Here they are

Could you credit me please?

Also to anyone who cares- I don't know if you will be intersted.

I made an RPG for Peter Pan, I'm not sure if you all like the movie or anything, but I do. lol. If you want to join, the rpg is neverland_rpg and the ooc is neverland_ooc
5 Your The One That I Want

[19 Oct 2004|03:36pm]

Steph what do you want the icons to say?
1 Your The One That I Want

Choose Or Loose lol! [16 Oct 2004|12:20pm]

Ok so we have two Love Triangles right now!



so i want you guys to vote!

shoud Sky stay with Kati or Georgie?

Shoudl Blair and Nate stay together, and hayden and Rain get together? or should Blair and Hayden stay together and Rain and Nate be single?

26 Your The One That I Want

hey everyone! [14 Oct 2004|02:28am]

Hey - I'm the person who plays Flow. (My real name is Steph by the way.) Now I have a couple ideas for plottage for him and I'd like to see what you guys think...

  • I'm making this after he goes out with Serena - but when he sees her again he's like amazed... and we can see what happens after that.
  • I want him to have a hookup or two - nothing permanent for now (exceptions of course)
  • And a PARTY! To let everyone meet him, it can be like after a concert of his and yeah...

I'd also like it if anyone had some icons that I could use... I'm having a bit of difficulty making them on my computer. Thanks.
8 Your The One That I Want

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